Every Mogul Has To Start Somewhere: How You Too Can Get Started With Video Drones And Aerial Movies

If you are active on Facebook or on other social media networks, you’ve probably noticed a lot of interesting aerial videos of various cities, lakes, rivers or tourist objectives. These films aren’t always created by professionals. Since video drones have become popular and fairly inexpensive, everybody can produce such movies and upload them on their websites or on their favorite social media networks.

However, you need to be aware that you can’t buy a $20 drone and expect it to shoot your neighborhood from the sky.

You can get started with video drones without a big initial investment. However, you need to be aware that you can’t buy a $20 drone and expect it to shoot your neighborhood from the sky. You may want to check on the most powerful drones on the market, as the technology seems to change rapidly – almost month to month. Able to withstand the weight of a sport camera. In addition, you need to buy the camera and a special mount to attach it to the quadcopter. The motors have to be powerful enough to life the whole gadget up in the air. Besides, you need to have a perfect control over the device.

Professionals don’t shoot a whole video from A to Z.

Once you’ve got all needed equipment, you can go ahead and shoot some videos. However, you are going to be disappointed with your first attempts. Don’t get discouraged. Professionals don’t shoot a whole video from A to Z. They always get many hours of footage. They go through it, edit it and use only the most interesting sequences. If you want great results, you also need to edit your films. Here’s a handy guide from the Office of Photogrammetry, DOT State of California.

A good movie starts with a script and a storyboard. You need to have a clear idea about the message you want your movie to send out to the world. You don’t need any special tools to develop your storyboards. A pen and some paper would suffice. Nonetheless, you can use a series of photos or an illustration software, if you want to do things the professional way or if you produce these aerial videos for a client. Clients are always impressed by modern technology, so you should make use of it whenever possible.

These being said, when you fly your drone over those houses and parks, make sure you have your storyboard in mind and you try to have enough footage to cover all its sequences. You may need to change the batteries at least once, so have some spares with you. If you can afford it, it would be nice to have a remote control that enables you to see what your camera is shooting, so that you can make the necessary adjustments on the spot.

Last but not least, take your time when you edit your film. Watch your footage multiple times and pick the most representative moments to include in your video. You can produce several cuts and watch them together with a friend or with a member of your family, in order to decide upon the final adjustments.

After you publish your movie online, watch the reactions of your audience. YouTube provides a thorough guide on how to read your video stats. This is the best way to improve and refine your skill. In time, your videos are going to look better and better, as you acquire experience.

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